Main Duties of the Clerk to Gladestry Community Council

  1. Arranging bi-monthly ordinary, and one annual, meetings of the Community Council; booking the village hall accommodation; preparing the agenda and issuing it with relevant documents to Councillors; keeping minutes; issuing minutes; taking all agreed follow-up actions; setting up equipment to enable multi-location meetings (presently using Zoom).
  2. Being the Responsible Financial Officer for Community Council finances, current annual income being £3,500 pa; keeping up-to-date accounts; providing budgetary control information at Council meetings; paying authorised invoices and grants as agreed by the Council; ordering computer consumables as required; taking all relevant PAYE action on behalf of the Council; reclaiming VAT as and when. The Council operates an on-line bank account.
  3. Dealing with correspondence; sorting all correspondence, primarily email, and forwarding material to Councillors for action, information or interest as appropriate.
  4. Preparing end-of-year accounts; completing the Audit Annual Return and providing documentation to support the accounting and governance statements; providing all necessary documents to enable the local auditor to complete the internal audit report.
  5. Advertising the annual grant application process; proactively and reactively issuing application forms; collating application material and presenting it to the Community Council at appropriate times.
  6. Dealing with planning applications in the Community; arranging planning meetings as directed; and taking agreed follow-up action.
  7. Liaison with Powys County Council as directed by the Community Council.
  8. Advising Powys County Council of any vacancies arising on the Community Council; dealing with vacancies in accordance with statutory requirements; and liaising with the County Council during local elections.
  9. Liaising with the Community Council Chairman, as necessary.
  10. When prompted, checking the status of the Community defibrillator and notifying the Circuit by email.
  11. Liaising with the Community Council website administrator to ensure website content is suitable and in date.

There is no line management responsibility as the Clerk as the sole employee of the Community Council.

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